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How to Go Engagement Ring Shopping as a Couple

by Georgia Benn on Aug 16, 2023

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When it comes to picking the perfect symbol of commitment, engagement ring shopping is a significant event for couples. But have you ever considered travel engagement rings? Especially if you're a couple who loves adventures and travelling together. Let's dive into everything you need to know about this new trend.

What is a Travel Engagement Ring?

A travel engagement ring is a substitute for your precious engagement ring. Designed to be worn when travelling, it ensures your authentic ring remains safe at home, especially in situations where there's a risk of loss or theft.

La Promesse Jewellery: Where Quality Meets Affordability

At La Promesse Jewellery, our travel engagement rings are crafted with meticulous attention to detail in a solid 10k gold setting and band. While many travel engagement rings are made on commission and don't last long, ours are ready to ship. You'll also enjoy our 100% satisfaction guarantee, ensuring happiness with every purchase. With our wide range and impeccable 24/7 customer service, rest assured you're investing in quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Wear My Engagement Ring to Travel?

While you can wear your ring during travels, it's advised to consider the destination and activities. For peace of mind, many opt for a travel engagement ring to prevent potential loss or damage.

How Should I Travel with an Engagement Ring?

Always keep it in your carry-on when flying, using a jewelry pouch or box. Alternatively, wear your travel ring, and leave the original safely at home.

Should You Wear a Fake Wedding Ring When Traveling?

It's a personal choice, but a fake or travel ring can offer peace of mind without compromising style. Brands like La Promesse Jewellery offer stunning alternatives that shine just as bright.

Are Temporary Engagement Rings a Thing?

Yes, these are often referred to as travel engagement rings, offering a stylish yet affordable alternative for globetrotting couples.

Why is Moissanite Better Than Diamond?

Moissanite offers brilliance and fire that often outshines diamonds. They're also more affordable and ethically sourced, making them a popular choice for modern couples.

Discover the Perfect Travel Engagement Ring Today!

Whether you're drawn to the sparkling Clarisse, the elegant Agatha, or the timeless Hazel, our collection promises unparalleled quality. Visit La Promesse Jewellery today and embark on a lifetime journey with the perfect ring by your side.