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Should I Travel with My Engagement Ring?

by Georgia Benn on Aug 16, 2023

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Should You Travel with Your Engagement Ring? - La Promesse Jewellery

Travelling is exhilarating, and being engaged is a euphoric feeling. But, should these two exciting events mix? Let's dive into the world of travel engagement rings, with a special focus on moissanite – the sparkling star of the show.

What is a Travel Engagement Ring?

A travel engagement ring is a replica or alternative to your original engagement ring. It's designed to be worn during travel, reducing the risk of damaging or losing your precious original ring. Why Travel Engagement Rings Are a Must-Have is a great resource explaining their rising popularity.

Can I Wear My Engagement Ring to Travel?

Yes, you can, but consider the potential risks. There's the threat of theft, loss, or damage. Many opt for a travel ring to maintain their peace of mind.

How Should I Travel with an Engagement Ring?

If you choose to bring your original, make sure to:

  • Keep it in a secure pouch.
  • Consider insuring it for the journey.
  • Always have it on you during security checks.
Refer to the TRAVEL TIPS FOR YOUR DIAMOND ENGAGEMENT RING for more detailed advice.


Moissanite: The Travel-Friendly Jewel

Moissanite, often deemed the most realistic fake diamond, is gaining traction in the travel ring scene. La Promesse Jewellery offers breathtaking moissanite rings set in solid 10k gold, exuding both luxury and durability.

Why Choose Moissanite?

  • It's almost as hard as diamonds, making it durable for travel.
  • A brilliant shine that rivals diamonds.
  • Eco-friendly and conflict-free.

Other Travel Engagement Ring Queries

  • Should you wear a fake wedding ring when traveling? It's a personal choice. Some opt for a fake ring for added security.
  • Are temporary engagement rings a thing? Yes! They're perfect for travel or as placeholders.
  • Where should I hide my engagement ring when traveling? Safe spots include a necklace pouch or a secure compartment in your carry-on.
  • Why is moissanite better than diamond? Apart from being more affordable, it's almost as hard, equally shiny, and ethically sourced.
  • Can you wear a silicone ring as an engagement ring? Absolutely! It's a durable and flexible option, especially for active trips.

La Promesse's Promise to You

At La Promesse Jewellery, travel engagement rings don't compromise on quality. Made to order or ready to ship, each piece promises the attention to detail you deserve. Dive into our collections to find your perfect match and enjoy 24/7 customer service to assist you.

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