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Should I Travel With My Engagement Ring?

by Georgia Benn on Aug 16, 2023

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Travel plans and engagement celebrations? It's a combination that spells excitement. But the one question hovering in your mind is: Should I travel with my engagement ring? Let's dive into everything you need to know about travel engagement rings.

Understanding the Travel Engagement Ring

A travel engagement ring is a replica or substitute for your original engagement ring. Designed to provide peace of mind while travelling, it ensures your valuable piece stays safe at home.

Key Questions Around Travel and Engagement Rings

  1. Can I wear my engagement ring to travel?

    Yes, but with caution. Consider the destination, activities planned, and security of the place.

  2. How should I travel with an engagement ring?

    Always keep it in your carry-on while flying. Use a ring box or pouch for added safety. Additionally, insure your ring before the trip.

  3. Should you wear a fake wedding ring when traveling?

    For destinations with high theft rates, it's a smart move. You'll enjoy your trip without constant worry.

  4. Are temporary engagement rings a thing?

    Yes! Especially popular among frequent travellers, they're stylish yet less expensive.

  5. Where should I hide my engagement ring when traveling?

    Hotel safes, locked luggage, or deep inside cosmetic bags. Always ensure it's not easily accessible.

  6. What is the fake diamond called?

    Commonly referred to as Cubic Zirconia. However, Moissanite, another gem, is gaining popularity due to its closer resemblance to diamonds.

  7. What is the most realistic fake diamond?

    Moissanite stands out for its brilliance and durability, making it a top choice.

  8. What rings won't tarnish?

    Gold, platinum, and stainless steel rings are resistant to tarnish. Moissanite rings set in 10k gold, for instance, are an excellent choice.

  9. Why is moissanite better than diamond?

    It's almost as hard, more brilliant, and significantly more affordable.

  10. Is an engagement ring a dowry?

    No, a dowry is a gift given to the groom from the bride's family. An engagement ring is a symbol of commitment from the groom to the bride.

  11. Can you wear a silicone ring as an engagement ring?

    Absolutely! Especially popular among active individuals, they're comfortable and durable.

  12. Why do people exchange rings during engagement?

    It symbolizes a promise of love, commitment, and a future together.

  13. What's the difference between a ring and an engagement ring?

    An engagement ring is given as a commitment to marriage, while rings can be worn for various reasons like fashion or personal significance.

  14. What is the difference between couple rings and engagement?

    Couple rings symbolize a relationship, while engagement rings symbolize a commitment to marry.

The La Promesse Advantage

While many travel engagement rings don't stand the test of time, La Promesse Jewellery offers a distinction. Our rings, made on commission, are sculpted with intricate detail. Each piece echoes the allure of solid 10k gold settings and bands. Not to mention, the brilliance of Moissanite ensures your substitute ring looks as dazzling as the real one.

With a 100% satisfaction guarantee, we're confident in making your purchase truly special. Our prompt delivery service ensures your travel engagement ring reaches you in time for your adventure.

Why Choose Moissanite?

Moissanite is not just any ordinary gem. Its brilliance surpasses many, making it one of the most realistic fake diamonds. And guess what? At La Promesse Jewellery, our Moissanite rings, such as the Clarisse, Agatha, and Hazel, stand testament to this gem's captivating charm.

In Conclusion

Whether it's the white sands of the Maldives or the romantic streets of Paris, ensure your ring complements your travel story. And if you're in doubt, we're here 24/7 to help.